• deep master x6 model 2015
  • It has two visual and conventional models
    Video: 1920 $Ordinary: 1570 $
  •  Inductive pulse function system (P.V)
  • The most advanced and latest product of the company Kxs
  • Functionality on the ground (drought, mineral, uneven, etc.)
  • Super high quality LCD screen
  • Tunisia applies various settings such as sensitivity, screen light filter, sound, balance and …
  • Excellent balance stability in rugged areas with automatic balancing
  • It has 2 PRO models and a good 4-meter basic Explore
  • Includes imaging mode and save images in the Pro model
  • It has three dimensional software, along with scanning some form of target for the operator
    The ability to deepen the metals in both Pro and Basic models and charge up to 10 hours continuously
  • The ability to separate metals from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and high sensitivity to metals such as gold and silver
  • Has 2 disc check loops 50 cm and 120 × 120 coil search
  • 2 year warranty and 3 years KXS support service