• gold scan: model 2016
  • Magnet Magnetic Field Finder Radar System.
  • Ability to find the exact point of the goal.
  • Sensor 50 cm
  • Live Mode Mode Live Live Scan Live Scan.
  • It has a dedicated monitor with single-dimensional and 3-D software.
  • The mode of deepening of the metals is very accurate.
  • Ability to simultaneously perform audio and video.
  • Very small and lightweight for easy transport.
  • Has automatic and manual balance of land.
  • Earth sensitivity setting to work in all conditions.
  • The ability to take a cross-sectional scan and display the target type in 3D.
  • The true depth of 6 meters is useful.
  • Farsi and English Handbooks.
  • 2 year warranty and 3 years support service K.X.S.